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online football betting sites usa 2014Updated In August, 2020 - Sports Betting Football Online is a guide to betting on NCAA college and NFL football online at USA sportsbooks, bookies, bookmakers and Internet sports betting sites in 2014. Betting on football online has been happening for almost 20 years and some of the top U.S. sports books from back then are the most trusted, largest and most popular sportsbooks online in 2014. All of our football betting sites online in 2014 have easy deposit options and fast cashouts for Americans. Readers who click our link to visit the sportsbook's web site will also receive free football bets in 2014 . Betting on NFL football on the Internet in the USA is something that millions of U.S. citizens do every season without a problem. The online sportsbooks, bookies and bookmakers listed below at much better than their European counterparts. This is because they are open to Americans. They have better betting platforms, promotions, bonuses, banking options and most importantly, better lines. Free NFL football wagers can be claimed by anyone who uses our link to visit the sports book and sign up.

NCAA & NFL Football Betting Sites in 2014

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usa online betting football 2014There is major tactic that winning online football bettors, and consistently make a profit. Football pointspreads, moneylines and other lines are not universal. Las Vegas issues the NFL football spreads each week but the top USA football betting sites and sports books compete with each other. They all want to offer the best NFL football lines and sports bettors generally benefit from this competition. One bookmaker cannot have the best football lines and odds because if you give 7 points to the underdog instead of the 6 issued by Vegas that would mean that they are only the best when it comes to betting on the underdog. My best online NFL and NCAA college football betting tip is to hold accounts at two books. Bovada and BetOnline are the perfect match. One will always offer the best lines for the favorite and the other offers the best lines on the underdog. When you want to get the biggest football betting payout or the best odds you can compare the NFL lines between these two USA friendly sportsbooks in 2014. Line shopping, as it is called, can result in football bettors receiving payouts that are 20-30% larger and they will win more often because the pointspread will range from .5 to 1.5 points more in their favor, according to a sports betting news report in 2014.

guide to online sports betting

types of football betsSports betting is a pretty straightforward activity, with bettors having a couple of options and they can get to collect the profits immediately after the games come to an end. Indicating the winner can be challenging at times, especially when evenly matched teams go head to head, but overall those who are experienced enough emerge victorious. Contrary to popular belief, there are more than a few types of online sports best, carrying a different house edge.

Those who decide to open an account with Bovada Sportsbook for example, will have the pleasant surprise to discover that the bookmaker covers plenty of leagues. This means that players are not limited to a handful of games and savvy ones have an easy time at finding those odds that carry any value. On long term, only by extracting maximum value from the odds offered by USA online sportsbooks in 2014, one can hope to offset the house edge and stay profitable.

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Line bets are the most popular of all types of online sport bets, as they demand players to simply pick the winner. The odds are not that great though, especially when it comes to lopsided games, which explains why so many punters prefer to push their luck a bit. The obvious solution is to bet on the run line, which implies that one team covers a certain spread that can range from 1 or 2 points to a double-digit number. There is an indissoluble link between the risks taken by player and the odds they get, so the bigger the range, the greater the potential profits.

Depending on bookmaker, the run line can have different names and if you frequently bet with Betonline Sportsbook you find out that the differences between run lines and handicap wagers are virtually nonexistent. They are essentially the same sort of wagers, because you collect the profits if your chosen team prevails by at least the number of points you bet on.

Another interesting type of online football bet is the Asian handicap, which has the particularity of returning the stakes in certain situations. The draw no bet is the most popular of them all, because players are reimbursed when the match and undecided, regardless of score. These wagers are immensely popular on football games, where the matches can end undecided, something that Europeans can surely relate to.

By comparison, American punters who choose to wager at Bovada Sportsbook and bet on NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA will frequently choose the Moneyline. This is one of those types of online sports bets that has just two possible outcomes, because the game is played until the final whistle and it includes both overtime and penalties shootouts.

Last but definitely not least, the wagers on game totals are extremely popular among USA-based players, who bet on basketball. They apply to all leagues and all sports, but they are far more useful to those who bet on those games where the number of points scored is higher, on average. Check back here often for new info about online football betting at USA sportsbooks in 2014.

USA Online Sportsbooks

The banners below represent the best USA online sportsbooks to bet on NCAA college football and NFL football. These Internet football betting sites offer the best lines, odds and payouts. You can claim free football bets in 2014 at each of these USA friendly sports betting sites.

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